Alice F. Lal Mills Memorial Trophy


Alice F. "Lal" Mills Memorial Trophy

Alice F. "Lal" Mills Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the most outstanding performance of a Folk Song, traditional or traditional style, by a Grade B vocalist

The Alice F. "Lal" Mills Memorial Trophy was donated to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1963 by a group of her friends from across Canada. Born in England on March 14, 1896, Alice (Evans) Mills grew up at Rossel, near Reading, and came to Canada with her parents in 1916. With the exception of a short time in Carman, she lived in Winnipeg until 1946. She possessed an exceptionally fine contralto voice, and studied in England and then in Winnipeg under Arnold Dann and R.T. Halliley. She was the contralto soloist at Young United and Grace United churches. A voice teacher until 1940, she taught many well-known Winnipeg musicians and encouraged all of her pupils to enter the Winnipeg Music Festival. She was one of the prime movers in establishing the Aeolian Group. Mrs. Mills died in Vancouver on May 5th, 1962.


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