J.S. Little Trophy


J.S. Little Trophy

J.S. Little Trophy

Awarded for the most outstanding performance of a Folk Song by a School Chorus in Grades 5-12

The Kelvin High School Alumni donated the J.S. Little Trophy to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1949.  This trophy was originally awarded for the most outstanding performance of a Folk Song by a School Chorus in Grades 7 – 12.  Currently, it is awarded for the most outstanding performance of a Folk Song by a School Chorus in Grades 5-12.

James Stockdale Little was born in 1881 in Canonbie, Dumfrieshire in Scotland.  He received his Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees at Edinburgh University.  He taught three years in Scotland before coming to Canada in 1910.  He was appointed Principal of Earl Grey School in 1919 and in 1933 became the Principal of Kelvin Technical High School.  Mr. Little was a truly dedicated teacher and schoolmaster interested in all branches of education for all children.  He retired to Victoria, British Columbia in 1946, where he lived until his death in 1958.


1949 William Whyte School
1950 Polson School
1951 Kelvin High School
1952 Lord Wolseley School
1953 Kelvin High School
1954 Principal Sparling School
1955 King Edward Junior High School
1956 Sargent Park School
1957 Sargent Park School
1958 Sargent Park School
1959 Hugh John McDonald School
1960 Winkler Collegiate Choir
1961 Elmwood High School
1962 Isaac Brock School
1963 Isaac Brock School
1964 Mennonite Brethren Collegiate          Institute Girls
1965 Angus McKay School
1966 Mennonite Brethren Collegiate          Institute Ladies Choir
1967 Kelvin High School
        Boys' Chorus
1968 Mennonite Brethren Collegiate          Institute
1969 St. James Collegiate
1970 St. James Collegiate Grade 12
1971 Dauphin Collegiate Dowlerettes
1972 Steinbach Collegiate Glee Club
1973 Robert H. Smith School
1974 John Taylor Collegiate
1975 Daniel McIntyre Collegiate
1976 Kelvin High School
1977 Kelvin High School
1978 Sargent Park School
1979 Kelvin High School
1980 Kelvin High School
1981 Kelvin High School Mixed Choir
1982 River Heights Junior High                  School
1983 Kelvin High School
1984 River Heights Junior High                  School Mixed Choir
1985 River Heights Junior High                  School & St. John's Ravenscourt
1986 Kelvin High School
1987 Kelvin High School
1988 Kelvin High School
1989 Kelvin High School
1990 Glenlawn Collegiate
1991 River Heights Junior High                  School
1992 Glenlawn Collegiate
1993 Mennonite Collegiate Institute            Chamber Choir (Gretna)
1994 Kelvin Girls Choir
1995 Kelvin High School Boys’ Choir
1996 Sargent Park School
1997 Westwood Collegiate
1998 Westwood Collegiate
999 Glenlawn Collegiate

2000 Sargent Park School
2001 Westwood Collegiate
2002 Westwood Collegiate
2003 Westwood Collegiate
2004 Westwood Girls’ Chamber Choir
2005 Westwood Collegiate
2006 Westwood Collegiate
        Girls’ Choir
2007 Linden Christian School
        Grade 8 Choir
2008 Westwood Concert Choir
2009 Sisler High School
        Concert Choir
2010 Westwood Collegiate
        Chamber Choir
2011 Westwood Collegiate
        Concert Choir
2012 Sturgeon Heights Singers
2013 Westwood Collegiate
        Concert Choir
2014 Sisler Concert Choir
2015 Maples Collegiate
        Chamber Choir
2016 Collège Sturgeon Heights                  Collegiate Concert Choir
2017 Daniel McIntyre Collegiate                Institute Concert Choir
2018 Maples Collegiate
        Chamber Choir