Lieutenant Governor's Trophy


Lieutenant Governor's Trophy

Lieutenant Governor's Trophy
Awarded annually for the most outstanding solo or group performance during the Festival

The Honorable Errick F. Willis donated the Lieutenant Governor’s Trophy to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1963.  At times referred to in the past as the Errick F. Willis trophy, the Lieutenant Governor’s trophy is awarded annually for the most outstanding solo or group performance during the Festival.

Errick French Willis was born in Boissevain, Manitoba in 1896.  He was educated at the Universities of Toronto, Manitoba and Alberta.  He sat for twenty-four years in the Manitoba Legislature as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and as a cabinet minister in both the coalition governments of John Bracken and Premier Duff Roblin’s administration.  In 1948 he became Deputy Provincial Premier and remained in that office until 1950.  He was appointed Lieutenant Governor on January 15, 1959.  Both Mr. Willis and his wife, Louise, will long be remembered for their interest in and ardent support of youth and cultural activities.  They were frequent visitors to the Winnipeg Music Festival, both in an official and unofficial capacity.


1963 Daniel McIntyre Collegiate
1964 St. George's Anglican Church            Choir
1965 Mennonite Brethren Bible                  College
1966 Arne Wagner
1967 Greater Winnipeg School                  Symphony Orchestra
1968 Greater Winnipeg School                  Symphony Orchestra
1969 Mennonite Children's Choir
1970 Brock-Corydon School
1971 Kelvin High School
1972 Victor Schultz
1973 Douglas Finch
1974 Kelvin High School
1975 David Moroz
1976 Winnipeg Girls Senior Choir
1977 Michael Dolovich
1978 Dietmar Schmuecker
1979 Irena Welhasch
1980 Bruce Fehr
1981 Martha Graham
1982 Carlisle Wilson
1983 Michael Oike
1984 Tracy Dahl
1985 Thomas Wiebe
1986 Shelley Peattie
1987 Valdine Anderson
1988 Winnipeg Youth String                      Orchestra
1989 Michael Oike
1990 Helmut Penner
1991 Ryan McClelland
1992 Mariko Boorberg
1993 Kelvin Girls' Chamber Orchestra
1994 Kelvin Girls' Chamber Ensemble
1995 Laura MacDougall
1996 Marni Enns
1997 Avant - Garde Trio
1998 Scott Meek
999 Michael Nicolas

2000 Michael Nicolas & Scott Meek            (tie)
2001 Rebecca Simpson
2002 Haley Rempel
2003 Garrett Hudson
2004 J.H. Bruns Senior Guitar                    Orchestra
2005 Katherine Yeo
2006 Colin Redekop
2007 Keith Dyrda
2008 Mary Ellen Packer, Keegan Dill,          Alena Arnason & Andrea Wills
2009 Tony Zhou
2010 Rosanna Murphy
2011 DMCI Chamber Choir
2012 Alex Tyborowski, Bobby Knott            & Thomas McKibbin
2013 Matthew Packer
2014 Albert Chen
2015 Gregory Lewis
2016 Fan-En Chiang
2017 St. James-Assiniboia Divisional          Senior Concert Choir
2018 Cameron Denby