Beth Douglas Memorial Trophy


Beth Douglas Memorial Trophy

Beth Douglas Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the most outstanding performance by a School Chorus in a Concert Group

The Beth Douglas Memorial Trophy was donated to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1989. 

Beth Douglas was born in 1913 and died in 1987.  During her lifetime, she touched the lives of many with her love for choral music.  She made her contribution as a teacher, consultant, committee member, adjudicator and choral director.  In addition to the Vivace Ladies Choir, formed when she retired, and various school choirs, including those at the Manitoba Normal School, she directed the Winnipeg Boys’ Choir for twenty years, the Bethesda Church Choir for some 30 years, and was a founding member of the Manitoba Choral Association.  Her keen interest in the Winnipeg Music Festival led her to contribute endless time and energy to its growth and success.

In recognition of her many accomplishments, she received a number of distinguished awards – the Community Service Award from the City of Winnipeg, the Order of the Buffalo Hunt from the Province of Manitoba, and Honorary Life Memberships in the Manitoba Music Education Association and the Canadian Music Education Association.  She is the co-author of five textbooks approved by the Department of Education, several of which were in cooperation with the late Lola MacQuarrie.


1989 Tyndall Park School
1990 Donwood School
1991 John de Graff School
1992 Birds Hill School
1993 Ness Junior High School
1994 Lord Selkirk School
1995 Ness Junior High School
1996 Kelvin Chamber Choir
1997 Kelvin Girls Choir
1998 Vox - Morden Collegiate                   Women's Choir
1999 St. James Assiniboia                       Senior Chamber Choir
2000 École Garden Grove School
2001 École Garden Grove School
2002 Garden Grove School
2003 École Garden Grove School
2004 Sisler S1 Choir
2005 Westwood Collegiate
2006 Westwood Collegiate
        Girls’ Choir


2007 Linden Christian School                   Chamber Singers
2008 Westwood Girls' Choir
2009 Kelvin High School Girls’ Choir
2010 Kelvin Women's Choir
2011 WSD Junior Hi Divisional Choir
2012 Westwood Concert Choir
2013 Westwood Collegiate
        Chamber Choir
2014 Not Awarded
2015 Westwood Collegiate
        Chamber Choir
2016 Gordon Bell High School - Vox
2017 Fort Richmond Collegiate
        Vox Anima Chamber Choir
2018 Sisler High School Boys' Choir