Helga Anderson Trophy


Helga Anderson Trophy

Helga Anderson Trophy
Awarded for the most outstanding performance by an Adult Community Choir 

The Bass Clef Chorus, the Better Half Singers and friends donated the Helga Anderson Trophy to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1981.  This trophy was originally awarded for the most outstanding performance by Mixed Voice Choirs - Open.  It is now awarded for the most outstanding performance by an Adult Community Choir.

Helga Anderson is a Winnipeg musician who has adjudicated festivals throughout Manitoba and Canada, specializing in Choral, Voice and Piano classes.  She is a member of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association and active in teaching voice, piano and theory.  She is a former music director of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society, a church choir director, and participates on several boards in the promotion of music in Manitoba.  She taught music in Winnipeg schools at every level, and was founder of two professional choirs – the Bass Clef Chorus and the Better Half Singers.


1981 Selkirk Community Choir
1982 Winnipeg Grad Choir
1983 Winnipeg Grad Choir
1984 Selkirk Community Choir
1985 M.B.B.C. A Capella Choir
1986 Winnipeg Bible College Singers
1987 Winnipeg Bible College Singers
1988 Winnipeg Bible College Singers
1989 Winnipeg Bible College Singers
1990 Winnipeg Bible College Singers
1991 Pot-Pourri Singers
1992 Providence College Singers
1993 Pot-Pourri Singers
1994 Providence College Singers
1995 Providence College Singers
1996 Winnipeg Male Chorus
1997 Providence College Singers
1998 Providence College Singers
1999 Pot-Pourri Singers
2000 Providence College Singers
2001 Winnipeg Male Chorus
2002 Pot-Pourri Singers

2003 Pot-Pourri Singers
2004 Pot-Pourri Singers
2005 Senior Citizens Choir
        of Winnipeg
2006 Pot-Pourri Singers
2007 Rainbow Harmony Project
2008 Rainbow Harmony Project
2009 Providence Chamber Singers
2010 No Entry
2011 Rainbow Harmony Project
2012 Bison Men's Chorus
2013 Esprit de Choeur
2014 No Entry
2015 Seniors Choral Society
2016 Seniors' Choral Society
2017 Bison Men's Chorus
2018 Seniors' Choral Society