Doris (Mills) Lewis Memorial Trophy


Doris (Mills) Lewis Memorial Trophy

Doris (Mills) Lewis Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the most outstanding performance of an Oratorio Aria or J.S. Bach Aria by a Grade A or Honours Level vocalist 

Mr. B.E. Lewis donated the Doris (Mills) Lewis Memorial Trophy to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1970.

Doris Irene Mills was born in Fort William, Ontario in 1907.  She inherited her passionate love for good music from her family and received early teaching in piano and theory in Fort William and in Oakville.  When the family moved to Manitoba, Doris enrolled as a student at Brandon College, studying with Ruth Morgan for voice and Dr. W.L. Wright for piano and theory.  While serving as contralto soloist at St. Paul’s United Church in Brandon, Doris studied pipe organ and received guidance and inspiration in religious music and oratorio from the director of music, Harry Thornborough.  She led an active musical life in Brandon as a concert and radio recitalist and as junior choir leader at St. Paul’s.

In Winnipeg, Doris continued her preparation for Royal Conservatory examinations, studying with Gladys Whitehead, J. Roberto Wood and Stanley Hoban.  She was awarded dual Royal Conservatory degrees in vocal performance and teaching.  After her marriage she enjoyed post-graduate consultation and studies with eminent British adjudicator, John Goss.  Doris was a member of the Westminster United Church Choir, the Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir, the Metropolitan Choir and the CBC Choristers.  She belonged to the Registered Music Teachers’ Association of Manitoba, teaching voice at the Bornoff School of Music and privately in Winnipeg for 10 years.  She died on December 29, 1966.


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