Richard W. Cooke Trophy


Richard W. Cooke Trophy

Richard W. Cooke Trophy
Awarded annually for the most outstanding performance of a Sacred Selection by a Grade B vocalist

The Richard W. Cooke Trophy was donated to the Winnipeg Music Festival in 1976.

Richard Cooke played an active part in the Winnipeg Music Festival for over 62 years.  He was one of the primary people responsible for the formation of a national organization now known as the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals.  He was also instrumental in the formation of the Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals.


1976 Gordon L. Clarke
1977 Norene Morrow
1978 Duncan Campbell
1979 Andrew S. Thomson
1980 Andrea Ilchena
1981 Angela Wright
1982 Gina Hovorka
1983 James Fast
1984 Mary Jane Hiebert
1985 Pamela Johnson
1986 Fred J. Cross
1987 Cheryl Martin
1988 Robert Herriot
1989 Melinda Enns
1990 Scott Braun
1991 Craig A. Johnson
1992 Krista Muller
1993 Penni Foshaug
1994 Kurt Lehmann
1995 Jessica Riley
1996 Cynthia Ens
1997 Kathleen Moore
1998 Joanne Kilfoyle
1999 Rachael Harwood-Jones

2000 David H. Menzies
2001 Ellen Wieser
2002 Kimberly Goerzen
2003 Sarah Halmarson
2004 Melinda Metzger
2005 Sara Clefstad
2006 Katie Smith
2007 Katie Smith
2008 Caitlin Wood
2009 Elle Salvalaggio
2010 Jessica Nickel
2011 Jessica Kos-Whicher
2012 Andrea Lett
2013 Kerensa Peters
2014 Katherine Mayba
2015 Katherine Mayba
2016 Christina Thanisch-Smith
2017 Kelsey Ronn
2018 Jane Petroff